Quran and the Signs Of My Lord

Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuh

Prophecies in Quran and Ahadees

Questions and Answers about Islam



Fruits in the desert 14:37

Fingerprints, DNA and other such clues 41:21

Pollution 30:42

The body of Pharaoh 10:92

Israel 17:105

Altering Allah’s Creation 4:120

Ongoing Scientific discoveries 41:53

Sky with paths 51:7

People coming for Hajj 22:26-27

The genetic code 57:22

Skin could be regenerated 4:23


Quran as a Book 2:2

Preservation of Quran 15:9

Quran could not be changed 41:42

No one could bring something like Quran 2:23-24

Spreading Islam 61:9

No Contradictions 4:82

Entering Makkah 28:85 ,48:27

The victory and the conversions 110

Conquest of Makkah

Abu Lahb’s Destruction 111

The defeat and then the victory of Romans 30:2-3


Some are mentioned below:


The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Never does sexual perversion become widespread and publicly known in certain people without them being overtaken by plague and disease that never happened to their ancestors who came before them.”(Reported…

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  1. Imran Ali
    April 30, 2016

    Beware ! Of the Kharijite Fitna (Trial) in the name of Islam – http://wp.me/p5sKku-27

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