Quran and the Signs Of My Lord

Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuh

Easts and the Vast Universe

Two Easts and Easts (more than 2 Easts):

Lord of the two Easts, and Lord of the two Wests!(55:17)

Yet no, I swear by The Lord of the easts and the wests; surely We are indeed (the) Determiners.(70:40)

East is actually the side of a rotating planet which faces the Sun.

For an ordinary person,East is the direction from where the Sun becomes evident in the morning.

Two Easts and even Easts (more than 2 Easts) mean:

– Other planets beyond the Earth having East.

– Other Suns giving rise to Easts.

– Other solar systems.

All the three expected possibilities are correct.

There are many planets:


There are many suns:


There are many Solar Systems:

According to NASA,

So far, astronomers have found more than 500 solar systems and are discovering new ones every year.


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