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Prostrating stars and trees

And the stars and trees prostrate.(55:6)

The prostrating stars:

There is a phenomena known as the axial tilt or obliquity which is the angle formed by a rotating body between its rotational axis and the orbital axis .This inclination or obliquity is exhibited by the planets as well as stars.In short the planets are inclined or tilted.

The same thing is observed in case of stars and is known as Stellar obliquity i.e is the axial tilt of a star with respect to the orbital plane of a planet.


Note the prostration.

axial-tilt-planetsThe prostrating Trees:

This could be the trees really in prostration.

Torekov - The Tree that Sat Down_thumb[2]




Torekov - The Tree that Sat Down_thumb[2]

Or the trees responding to gravity in various manners i.e

  1. their Branching system
  2. the distribution of leaf shapes
  3. their growth 
  4. and many other ways.



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