Quran and the Signs Of My Lord

Assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuh

The anatomy of livestock

And  indeed,  for  you  in  grazing  livestock  is  a  lesson.  We  give  you  drink  from  what  is  in their  bellies  –  between  excretion  and  blood  –  pure  milk,  palatable  to  drinkers. (16:66)

There are 2 important points discussed in this example.

1.The palatable and pure milk which is present in between 2 impurities(blood and excretion) as well as the ones which are surely non palatable.

The taste and purity is retained despite the presence of blood and excretion just around it.

2.The anatomy!

The clear hints about the blood supply

The clear hints about the relations of the mammary glands and the intestines.

47The milk is produced in the mammary glands which are bounded by the intestines above and the blood vessels all around them.

145The intestines containing excretion are present just above the glands producing milk.


Note the picture and see the verse again.The pure milk between excretion and blood.


Another clear picture proving the truth of Holy Quran.

Exalted  is  your  Lord,  the  Lord  of  might,  above  what  they  describe.

And  peace  upon  the  messengers.

And  praise  to Allah ,  Lord  of  the  worlds.



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