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There is relief with every difficulty

So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief

Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.(94:5-6)

2 verses,one after another,conveying the same message ie INDEED there is RELIEF with every DIFFICULTY.


Now take an example of pain which was very relevant for me,being a doctor.

The neurotransmitters involved in the noxious system are:



Substance P,

opioids: enkaphlins, dynorphins, beta endorphins.

Among these 4, three play an important role in RELAXING the person as well as in soothing the pain,ie ANALGESIA.


GABA is used at the great majority of fast inhibitory synapses in virtually every part of the brain. Many sedative/tranquilizing drugs act by enhancing the effects of GABA.

GABA is a chemical that is made in the brain.

GABA is taken by mouth for relieving anxiety, improving mood, reducing symptoms ofpremenstrual syndrome (PMS), and treating attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also used for promoting lean muscle growth, burning fat, stabilizing blood pressure, and relieving pain.

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Research suggesting GABA as a relaxant


Glutamate is used at the great majority of fast excitatory synapses in the brain and spinal cord.This neurotransmitter also plays an important role in analgesia.

Research suggesting glutamate as an analgesic

3.Substance P:

Only one of all these 4 neurotransmitters which is involved in the sensation of pain.


Opioid peptides are neurotransmitters that act within pain pathways and the emotional centers of the brain; some of them are analgesics and elicit pleasure or euphoria.

Role of endogenous opioids in controlling pain.


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